Who We Are

Who are we?

We are Danny Mellman and Michelle Moran – a chef and a writer who moved to Blue Ridge from the east coast of Florida in 2008. We had been visiting here for years with a second home in the Aska Adventure Area. We loved it. Our kids loved it. Our animals loved it. We used to joke that our dogs would come to life as we approached the town on the drive up from Florida, heads out the window, tails wagging, joy on their faces. And during the drive back to Florida, their depression became progressively deeper until ultimately, we would have to carry our basset hound Colby out of the car into the house.

We knew from the first day we walked Main Street downtown we wanted to live here full-time. We love the shops that dotted the landscape, the charming city park, and mostly, the people who lived here. We fell in love with the air, the sky, the water, and, of course, the peace we had when we arrived.

Our Mission Statement

We share the belief that:
  • Real, honest ingredients make one happy.

  • Giving service in a friendly environment brings joy.

  • By selling and serving creative, thoughtfully-prepared whole foods we can enrich lives, and educate and provide new opportunities within our community.

We knew we were home.

At the time, there were was not much of a food scene here. Our city leaders were still struggling with the moral dilemma of allowing businesses to sell alcohol. We had great businesses leaders from Out of the Blue to Rhapsody in Blue to the Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company. And we had a handful of old and new residents who had a vision for how to build a future for the town without destroying the culture that made our city so attractive.